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Our History

This homemade “Gubana” is the heritage of nonna Maria’s recipies dated to the early 30’s.

La nostra storia

“Nonna Maria” used to make some as well; she would cross the border and use her aunt’s big oven to get them baked.

It’s an outstanding legacy based on values involving the use of high quality ingredients and a patient and skillful handmade preparation.

Our history

The Gubana

Prepared in a special way, it’s a yeast-based dough with a rich stuffing filled with nuts, hazelnuts, pinenuts and raisins enclosed as a fragrant rosebud. Originally created for holidays and festivities, the Gubana is actually a delicacy to be enjoyed everyday and everytime.

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Antica Ricetta Gubana
Antica Ricetta SanZuan


The main ingredient of the gubana, walnut, also becomes the main ingredient in the Elixir. It is obtained from the infusion of walnuts, harvested as usual wet by the dew of the Sant John's night, and it is precisely from this magical night that it takes its name: SanZuan.

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