Antica Ricetta

The History

This artisan Gubana is born with the passion for our land traditions and the joy to keeping alive " The Ancient Recipe" handed down from the 1930s.


Grandmother Maria begins to get her hands in the dough

A life lived in a thousand difficulties, two wars, fatherless since she was a newborn, widow as a young woman but always and despite everything a great lover of life. Her beloved Collio, local traditions, good food and good wine are her passions till the age of 102. In her long life she tells a lot of stories because she likes to keep relationships alive not only with family members but also with friends. And she also tells about the Gubana: preparing the Gubana for her is always an event of great importance because it requires a lot of time, effort and dedication, so that the result is always excellent! Her recommendation? "No one ingredient in gubana should be predominant when tasted."


It's time for Grandma Luciana

The great Value of Life is undoubtedly the element that join mother and daughter. Excellent cook, housekeeper always very precise and dedicated to a careful realization of her dishes, her desserts, her excellent bread and her Gubana. Firm supporter that quality starts from the selection of raw materials and meticulous workmanship. As well as her mother, she dedicates herself to the preparation of the Gubana to gift them to friends for Easter and Christmas. The preparation of the Gubana begins with the collection of walnuts in family own land. Collect, dry and then shell them at the end of November to prepare the filling of Gubana, these are the preliminary steps. Over the years, she continues to emphasize the peculiarities of the workmanship, the dedication and the time needed to obtain an excellent product.
His recommendation? "You don't have to hurry to make Gubana."
La sua raccomandazione? “Per fare le gubane non si deve avere fretta”.


Mum Gianna

It is a family pleasure to devote himself to cooking, even mum Gianna is passionate about it. The holidays are important moments for her to celebrate with great dishes and delight in new menus whenever she has the opportunity. The desserts, however, are her passion ... make but also eat them! Gubana but not only, cakes for all occasions and themed ones, spoon desserts, semifreddo, etc. She approaches the process of preparing the Gubane as an apprentice helping the mother in the preparation of the filling: shell the walnuts, chop walnuts and hazelnuts, cut the pinenuts and candied orange peels. Even in adulthood, the preparation of the pasta and the rolling up of the Gubana are important phases left to the skilled hands of mother Luciana. For Gianna it is very important to be close to her with respect and attention to keep all the lovingly transmitted secrets to be ready to put them in "dough". So over the years, the baton switches from Luciana to Gianna.
Her recommendation "Love in the preparation and continuous search for the best ingredients"
La sua raccomandazione “Amore nella preparazione e continua ricerca degli ingredienti migliori“


The young Giacomo

Giacomo spends a lot of time with his grandparents, since mom and dad work till late and grandparents convey two great passions to him: love for the land and love for the kitchen. since an early age with his grandmother he takes pleasure in doing some experiments in the kitchen and with his eyes tries to steal her secrets. When Christmas is approaching, the preparation of the Gubane begins and Giacomo is electrified for this important activity that involves the whole family: in short, a great job but a lot of happiness and joy.


L'Antica Ricetta

Giacomo growing up understands the beauty of keeping alive a family recipe of a typical dessert from Friuli and deciding to start a new activity to make known the product and communicate the values of this choice. This is how L'Antica Ricetta srls was born.



Thanks to his training in the oenological field, Giacomo decides to develop a new drink to combine with his Gubana and this is how, after several reflections and tasting, SanZuan was born.